Famous Last Words: Nothing Can Stop Me Now! Psalms 30:6-7

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Psalms 35 through 38

“Nothing Can Stop Me Now!”  Have you ever thought or said those words?

David did:

When I was prosperous I said, “Nothing can stop me now!” Your favor; O Lord, made me as secure as a mountain.  Then you turned away from me, and I was shattered.
                                                                                                                                     Psalms 30: 6-7

It is understandable how the pride of success could overtake David; he had a lot going for him:

  • A successful shepherd at a young age
  • Had killed lions and bears
  • Killed the giant Goliath
  • Was chosen over King Saul and all his brothers to be the King of Israel
  • A charismatic leader who always had a following
  • Won many battles and conquered great kingdoms
  • Had many beautiful wives and concubines
  • An accomplished musician and songwriter

This is by no means a complete list; these are just the first things that came to mind.  I’ve heard it said that success is a greater test of character than failure.  It definitely seemed true in David’s life, when he was running from Saul and hiding in caves, he was closely in tune with God, but when his kingdom was secure and he had reached his goals then he began to think and act like, “nothing can stop me now!”

When God’s favor is on your life it’s easy to think you did it all yourself, but when that favor is no longer there you are left with what you brought to the party…not much.

In 1993, I had just won my first pink Cadillac with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  It seemed that everything I touched turned to gold.  I had been in MK eight years and had won four cars.  I had found my sweet spot.  I was an expert in my region and had many opportunities to speak and teach! I held team meetings every week and I could run that meeting with little preparation…EVERYTHING WAS SO EASY!

I always gave God the credit for my success, but I mistakenly thought my God-given talents, gifts, and abilities were the reason for my success not the favor and blessing of God.  It’s like the principle of sowing and reaping, we sow our talents, gifts and abilities but it is GOD who gives the increase.

Just like David I thought, “Nothing can stop me now!” And just like David, the same thing that stopped him, stopped me; God lifted His hand of favor from my Mary Kay career.  The Holy Spirit told me the Mary Kay season was over, but my identity was so wrapped up in being a Sales Director, I didn’t listen and set out on my own.  Bad decision— When God’s favor left so did my passion, confidence, joy, and success.

Finally, four years after God told me to resign my unit; a broke, depressed, lifeless daughter crawled into the lap of her Heavenly Father and turned over the reigns of her life to Him.  It was amazing as soon as I “let go” He began something new that led to an amazing second career!

Two and a half years ago I again heard God speak and tell me to leave my second career; this time I listened.  Was it scary?  Most definitely, but it would have been scarier to stay.   Do I know what God has for this next season?  I’m not sure, but I’ve learned what Moses experienced, “as long as the Lord’s leading, I’m going!”  Exodus 33: 15-16

I say with David, “Lord, your favor is as secure as the mountain;” let me live there the rest of my days!

 ©2012, Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  Psalms 39 through 41; Psalms 53, 55, 58

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