The 2011 Prayer Journey

“Lord I want to communicate with you!  I want to be able to hear You like Moses, praise You like David, and be changed by You like Paul.  Lord, teach me to pray.”

2011, a new year, a new journey!  A prayer journey…

365 days…

365 passages of scripture…

365 prayers— straight from the Word of God

Starting January 1st, using the One-year Chronological Bible (NLT–Red Cover) we will read each day’s scripture passage looking for prayers spoken by God’s Leaders, God’s people, or specific prayer instructions from God Himself.  We will learn how to pray for our families, our nation, our finances, our church, our spiritual growth, and how to truly repent when we miss the mark.

Each morning I will post a prayer from that day’s scripture reading that speaks to me or for me.  I encourage you to post prayers as well and to post any specific personal prayer requests you have for that day.

You can either visit the blog for each day’s prayer or have it delivered to your email in-box (see subscription box on right of home page).

Each day I will also include a link to a devotion from last year’s “Journey to Know Him More”.  On Sundays and Mondays (and any other days I didn’t write a devotion last year) I will be sharing a new devotion and a prayer.

I encourage you to get some kind of notebook (it can be as simple as a 99 cent spiral) and write down your prayers with a date and time.  Next year this time you will have a record of your conversations with the God of the Universe and a trail of blessings to re-live over and over.

Here’s a short video message that will give you an introduction to our journey!

I’m praying that you take this prayer journey with me.  I don’t want to go without you!

4 Responses to The 2011 Prayer Journey

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  3. Anonymous says:

    God is amazing. I feel His presence with me every day–I feel His love and I don’t deserve it! God is healing knee surgery I had last week. Surgery went perfectly–The Lord was with me during and after–He always shows up when I need Him. He also showed up when I lost my husband after 40 years of marriage. It’s now 5 years since Bill’s death and I am living the scripture that says that the Lord becomes my husband. Where I used to look to my husband for support and care, The Lord now takes care of every detail of my life. I live one day at a time trying to be the best example I can be of God’s child. I am not alone!!

    • The Journey led by Dianne Guthmuller says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness.There are so many women who need to know that God can be their husband. Please continue to pass that word on!

      Blessings in Jesus!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

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